Financial Officers

This is a workshop for local financial officers, trustees and other members interested in the financial operations of the union. Participants will practise the skills they need as a financial officer. This includes keeping a monthly ledger, allocating funds, cheque-writing and the proper notations on the cheque stub, per capita tax reporting, and the actual auditing of the books.

Trustees will gain an understanding of what a complete set of books should look like by actually doing the books themselves. They'll look at how to budget in a way that helps their local achieve its objectives to serve the needs of the membership.

Session will include:

  • Duties of the financial officers

  • Financial officers guidance information

  • Completing expense vouchers

  • Financial secretaries cash book

  • Calculate income tax, CPP/QPP and EI

  • How financial officers work with Executive Members and others to build the Local Union

This is a five-day course.


Duty to accommodate

This is an essential course in applying human rights to support individual members and build solidarity in the union.

A key feature for participants is the creation of an action plan for their individual workplaces by the end of the course. In addition, participants will learn the most important aspects of accommodation.

Topics include:

  • Understanding equality and diversity

  • Implications of specific human rights legislation

  • The duty of the employer to accommodate, and the rights of an individual and union to request accommodation

  • Disability rights and other common areas of accommodation

  • Role of the Human Rights Committee in assisting the individual and the local executive/membership

  • Barrier Reviews

  • Collective agreement language on accommodation

This is a five-day course.


Health and Safety II Committees

Participants explore and gain a better understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities as workers and joint committee members. Important to this discussion are the techniques and knowledge needed to perform workplace inspections along with incident and disease investigations. Essential research skills are also reviewed helping committee members to lead proactive initiatives aimed at eliminating or controlling worker exposure to toxins and other workplace hazards.

PREREQUISITE: Participants must have completed Health & Safety I.

NOTE: It would be beneficial for participants to have completed this course prior to taking Health & Safety - Level II: Law.

This is a five-day course.



Workers Rights and Your Union II

Dates to be announced:

This seminar includes:

 A quick overview of Union History                  Union structure - Local and International

Where your Union dues go

What union Services are available

Overvew of the Grievance procedure

Negotiations and the Law and Labour Law Reform

Why politics matter to a Union

Location: 25 Cecil Street - Free parking
Time: 10 am to 2:30 pm

Lunch and a $50.00 honourarium are provided, This seminar is open to all Steelworker members.

If you have not already attended and would like to attend Please email m.danbrook  or call 416-648-9475



Stewards Level 1

This course is designed for new stewards. It will help participants better understand the role stewards play in not only grievance handling, but also in "building solidarity" in the unit, local and the community.

The course covers:

  • Where steward fits in the union structure

  • How to do effective grievance investigation and use the Fact sheet

  • Different types of grievances and wording or grievances

  • Getting to know the collective agreement

  • Timelines for grievance handling

  • Communicating in the union and with management

  • Mobilizing in the workplace

This is athree day course.

WSIB I – Rights and Obligations

This course provides an overview of the WSIB system. Participants will review the statutory obligations of both workers and employers mandated by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act. They will also learn what rights are provided by the legislation, areview of Early & Safe Return to Work, the re-employment obligation and insight into the operations of the WSIB.

WSIB II – Benefits and Service

This Level 2 course provides participants with the knowledge of the benefits and services available.

Benefits and services will be detailed, including changes as a result of Bills 162, 165, 15 and 99 and what is available under the Act. Participants will learn how to examine claim files and master the art of communications with physicians and Board staff.

Women of Steel – Leadership

This course is for women interested in getting more active in the union. Sessions will include:

·                     Communication skills

·                     Assertiveness and confidence-building techniques

·                     Understanding how the union works

·                     Leadership and public speaking skills

·                     Strategic planning

This is a five-day course.

Advanced Leadership for Action

Effective leadership in our locals/units is essential for our union to continue to achieve our goals. Today's union leader must be able to inform and involve our members and our communities. They must be able to give our members a sense of their own power by building resistance.

This course will:

  • Help participants develop personal leadership skills

  • Help participants assess personal strengths and challenges as leaders

  • Improve communications with our membership

  • Build leadership and activism inside and outside of the workplace

  • Help participants understand how campaigns build involvement

  • Apply strategic planning and problem solving to our locals/units

  • Develop ways to support and sustain leadership in the locals/units

This is a five-day course.

Dates for these courses as well as other courses to be announced as they become available.