The Workers Rights and your Union started as a campaign in 2013 to raise awareness in regards to the conservative attack on unions and their attempt to bring in their anti-union agenda. The seminars have now moved forward allowing for locals to give their members an avenue to learn what the union is all about. 


September 23rd, 2017

This seminar includes:

  •  A quick overview of Union History                  Union structure - Local and International

  • Where your Union dues go

  • What union Services are available

  • Overvew of the Grievance procedure

  • Negotiations and the Law and Labour Law Reform

  • Why politics matter to a Union

Location: 25 Cecil Street - Free parking
Time: 10 am to 2:30 pm

Lunch and a $50.00 honourarium are provided, This seminar is open to all Steelworker members.

If you have not already attended and would like to attend Please email m.danbrook  or call 416-648-9475



The following is a brief overview of the Workers rights and Your union seminar.