Unity and Strength for Workers

The Steelworkers' Toronto Area Council (STAC) represents 14,000 members of the United Steelworkers in Toronto and York Region. Our workplaces include manufacturing, healthcare, post-secondary, banking and other service workers.

STAC is a dynamic grouping of elected representatives from each of our workplaces. We meet monthly in a day-long session for political discussion and to plan our activities. 

STAC has a proud tradition of activism and community involvement. We are active in the Campaign for the $14 Minimum Wage, for green jobs, in solidarity with striking or locked-out workers and on many other fronts. We have built picket line support for Steelworkers at Crown Metal Packaging, Vale Inco, US Steel, Rio Tinto in Alma, QC as well as solidarity actions for Toronto municipal workers, library workers and refuelling workers at Porter Airlines. We have also spoken out strongly against war and against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination.

Every year, STAC organizes the Mary Spratt Breakfast to mark International Women's Day. Other activities include the Day for the Elimination of Racism, participation in the annual Day of Mourning, the annual Toronto Pride Parade, and mobilizing for the Toronto Labour Day Parade.