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 " Workers have a ready-made canvas for their cultural expression: the workplace. From time-clock, to shop floor, to lunch room, to car park, to union hall, we learn to weave a rich daily tapestry of cooperative interaction, sustained effort, problem solving ingenuity, humour, strife, creative productivity and occasional  sabotage. Yes, it can be mind-numbing, but isn’t that where the role of fantasy comes in, while we await relief from the buzzer, refreshment from the thermos, and solace from the paycheque? The Steelworkers Toronto Area Council believes that organizations like Mayworks play an important role in nurturing, synthesizing and broadcasting these simple patterns of human interaction. We welcome its annual celebration of labour and the arts. We echo its emphasis on the shaping strength of community as distinct from individual ‘genius’."
We salute its spunk. Long live May Day! Let a thousand workshops bloom!
Carolyn Egan President
Steelworkers Toronto Area Council